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The Pinetop Building Process

Pinetop understands exactly what goes into building custom homes in the mountain region of McCall, Idaho.  We have streamlined our building process over many years and developed a customer experience that is down to earth and covers all aspects of mountain building. You will not find another builder in the McCall area that will work harder for you, listen to all your wants and needs and ensure that your project is an absolute success.


This is the first step in the home building process. If you have already acquired a piece of land, great! If you do not have land yet, we can help by not only putting you in touch with an accredited realtor, but we will also meet onsite with you to go over the property and let you know if there are any concerns or additional costs we foresee with your lot.

    • Do you have a Realtor
    • Do you know your ideal location
  2. More steps
    • Discuss preliminary specifications
    • Establish line item budget
    • Review value engineering


The second step in the process is to develop a plan set. This will require an architect or designer to design and create plans for you. If you are coming to us already with a set of plans, you are one step ahead of the game. If you are not, we will lead you in the right direction and get you in touch with some of the finest architects and designers that we work closely with.

  1. Steps for Design
    • Mountain Modern or Traditional


Our next step will be to go over your budget and what you feel are the “wants and needs” of your home. We will give you realistic numbers in relation to your budget so that there are no surprises.


Prior to submitting for permitting and starting construction, certain communities in McCall have Homeowner Associations that may need to sign off on the design prior to construction. Pinetop Custom Homes will happily submit and discuss your home project with any Design Review Committee.


Pinetop Custom Homes is well versed in the permitting processes of Valley County, the City of McCall, as well as Adams County. We have great relationships with all the building departments and are up to date on all building codes.


Once the plans are finalized and all permits are acquired, Pinetop Custom Homes will be ready to build your home. Our building process is very systematic, and our goal is to keep your build on time and within budget.


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