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How to Choose a Home Builder in McCall, Idaho

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How to Choose a Home Builder in McCall, Idaho


Select a builder who has extensive knowledge about building in a mountain environment and is known for quality construction. Building in the mountains requires expertise and knowledge to ensure your home is placed effectively to accommodate whatever natural features are found on your lot. Experienced builders will have a wide range of knowledge regarding the proper materials and processes to use in cold climates such as the climate found here in McCall. Advanced energy efficient building practices are a must in this area. The most experienced builders will have the best team of employees and local subcontractors who they trust and can rely on. A good builder is not only licensed, but skilled at managing the team required for building a quality house.


The design, budget and contract process is extremely important. Meet with the builder and his team and be prepared with a list of your needs and any questions you have. Make sure you feel comfortable with the process and get everything in writing with a well written contract. Signing the contract is not the end of the road. Make sure there are systems in place to keep you informed of each phase of the project. Beyond an online search, referrals are perhaps your best bet in finding a good match for you. Make sure to get referrals from recent clients and follow-up with conversations with them. View our testimonials page to see what our customers have to say.


Look for signs of quality in the finish work if you are able to tour past projects. Achieving a distinctive look through attention to detail will not only help you enjoy your home more, but will help the resale value. Find out the process for inspection at key points of construction and at the final completion walk-through. Know the process to address any matters that need to be corrected or finalized. Make sure your builder offers a warranty and know how long you have to correct issues beyond your occupancy date. When building in McCall, never blindly accept any home builder without a little legwork and research. Click here to see if Pinetop Custom Homes is the right builder for you.