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You’ve decided to live in the mountains where it’s peaceful and guarantees that you’ll have the best neighbors – abundance of wildlife. So how do you pick the best builder? Pinetop has the extensive knowledge and enviable reputation for building high-quality constructed homes in a mountain environment. Choosing a builder without this mountain expertise is not an option.

  • Our site analysis and excavation process help us know where to place your home to best accommodate the natural features on your lot
  • Having dealt with such a cold climate and short building season here in McCall, we know the proper materials and timesaving building processes to make your home highly energy efficient and constructed in a quicker time frame.
  • We employ the best team of employees and local subcontractors who we can always rely on and trust to build the finest-constructed and highest quality home.
  • Our design, budget and contract processes are extremely client friendly. Everything will be detailed out and reviewed so we can avoid any surprises in the construction phase.
  • Signing the contract is not the end of the road. You will be kept informed during each phase of the project, so you know what is happening on your home. Wherever you are in the world, we will keep you apprised by sharing progress photos that are even fun to share with family and friends.
  • Our attention to detail in the finishes and fixtures is unsurpassed. Achieving a distinctive look is always our goal. We will tour all of our Boise suppliers with you and take advantage of their showrooms and design expertise. We are here to help you choose your favorite finishes and fixtures so your home as a cohesive, beautifully designer look.
  • We create an in-depth punch list for your scheduled walkthrough of your new home.
  • If any issues come up, we will take care of them immediately and address any items that come up over the first year of living in your home.
  • Your relationship with Pinetop does not end with the completion of your home. We stand behind the quality of your home and will be there for you. Our clients tend to become friends – relationships we value and strive to keep for a long time.