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Why Choose Pinetop as your Home Builder

Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz
Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz
Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz
Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz
Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz
Dusty Bitton in McCall, ID on Houzz


Building in McCallSelect a builder who has extensive knowledge about building in a mountain environment and is known for quality construction.

Building in the mountains requires expertise and knowledge to ensure your home is placed effectively to accommodate whatever natural features are found on your lot. 

You can count on Pinetop’s Experienced Site Analysis and Excavation process to ensure stability, drainage, and proper placement for the long run.

Experienced builders will have a wide range of knowledge regarding the proper materials and processes to use in cold climates such as the climate found here in McCall. Advanced energy-efficient building practices are a must in this area. In addition, with a short building season, timeliness is an issue.

Building in the mountain and cold weather climate necessitates using an iron-clad insulation system.  Pinetop exclusively uses the local experts Energy Seal Insulation and their Vapor & Moisture Barrier Systems. This investment in your home is crucial and well worth it. The result is a clean conditioned crawl space with a full vapor barrier, spray foam insulation creating a cold roof effect, and options for sound reduction and increased R Values throughout. Pinetop homes are designed to keep snow on the roof and create a natural bed of insulation.

The objective of Pinetop Custom Home’s construction framing process is to work smarter not harder.  This is mainly accomplished by one major factor being the use of the pre-fab wall panel system.  The advantage of this is that the walls are assembled in a controlled environment, which provides consistent quality fit and finishes. Additionally, the pre-fab wall system reduces cost, improves efficiency and speeds up the construction process. In conjunction with the use of the pre-fab wall system, Pinetop utilizes the use of self-erecting tower cranes. The benefit of using self-erecting tower cranes for framing is that it is the most efficient, safest and fastest way to lift and move building supplies on the job site.

The guts of a home are also very important and there are numerous technologies and systems to choose from. In completing over one hundred building projects, Pinetop has experience with a variety of plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems and can help you decipher what your goals are and which products will help you attain them most efficiently and affordably. Pinetop is constantly researching and testing the new state of the art radiant, solar, and power systems.

The most experienced builders will have the best team of employees and local subcontractors who they trust and can rely on. A good builder is not only licensed but skilled at managing the team required for building a quality house.

The Pinetop Building Team will ensure the job is done right utilizing our extensive local knowledge and experience. Builder Dusty Bitton is on-site daily. Office Managers Carrie Potter and Elise Bitton are well-oiled machines that keeps the office running. As the McCall Builder of Choice, Pinetop has cultivated the cream of the crop of subcontractors and suppliers who are dedicated to Pinetop projects first.

In addition, expert concrete foundation and flatwork is one of Pinetop’s key ingredients to a quality home. We have all of the equipment and manpower in house to control this crucial aspect of the building process.


The home building process is yours just as much as it is the builders. Make sure you know how you will be included and how decisions will be made.

The design, budget and contract process is extremely important. Meet with the builder and his team and be prepared with a list of your needs and wants as well as any questions you have. Make sure you feel comfortable with the process and get everything in writing with a well-written contract.

Pinetop’s design, budget and contract process is extremely client-friendly. We will meet with you to go over your vision for your home and discuss the size, features, and budget.  We will guide you through the process with our designers and architects. We will help you create your specifications and correlating budget. Everything is detailed so we avoid surprises in the construction phase.

Signing the contract is not the end of the road. Make sure there are systems in place to keep you informed of each phase of the project. 

Pinetop proudly uses Builder Trend an online status and scheduling software program for clients and subcontractors to keep informed on each phase of the project. Wherever you are in the world you can see what is happening on your home and receive progress pictures along the process. Our clients say this is one of their favorite things that we offered, because not only could they check in on the progress of their project, but they could share it with friends and family.

Beyond an online search, referrals are perhaps your best bet in finding a good match for you. Make sure to get referrals from recent clients and follow-up with conversations with them. 

The top reasons to use Pinetop Custom Homes can only be told by our homeowners.  Go to https://pinetopmccall.com/testimonials and listen to them share their experiences of building with Pinetop. We work very hard every day to earn your trust so you will help spread the Pinetop word.


Knowing what to expect as the project nears completion and after you have moved in is an important part of the process.

Look for signs of quality in the finish work if you are able to tour past projects. Achieving a distinctive look through attention to detail will not only help you enjoy your home more but will help the resale value as well.

As you walk through a Pinetop home you will take notice and be impressed with the attention to detail in the finishes and fixtures. Our vast experience with homeowners and designers has allowed us to compile the latest design look and feel that will achieve a design beyond its costs.  We will tour all of our Boise suppliers with you and take advantage of their showrooms and design expertise. This fun and effective process allows you to choose most of your finishes and fixtures efficiently and ensures they all go together.

Find out the process for inspection at key points of construction and at the final completion walk-through. Know the process to address any matters that need to be corrected or finalized.

Our Project Manager will create an in-depth punch list and complete it prior to you moving into your new home. This ensures we are meeting the highest standards through every detail of the home.

Make sure your builder offers a warranty and know how long you have to correct issues beyond your occupancy date.

If any issues remain we will take care of them immediately and address any items that come up over the first year as per your One Year Warranty. Beyond the first year, Pinetop will stand behind the quality of your home and be there for you. Your relationship with Pinetop does not end with the completion of your home. Our clients tend to become friends and many allow us to show their homes to prospective new buyers.  We value our relationships and strive to develop them further through new projects, referrals of your friends, and getting involved with your lifestyle and social agendas.