Vapor barrier is a critical component of every crawlspace building system. It prevents ground vapor and moisture from entering the house from the foundation. Homes with poorly constructed or absent vapor barriers are far more susceptible to odor and moisture intrusion, especially this time of year when the spring thaw occurs.

An effective vapor barrier system includes consideration to not only foundation construction and what is above but also what is below and around the home. A vapor barrier system is only effective if the ground surrounding the home is graded away from the foundation and the crawlspace itself has proper drainage.  Pinetop Custom Homes offers vapor barrier systems provided by our friends at EnergySeal; including a 6 mil overlapping system and a 10 mil interlocking system. The most effective vapor barrier systems include spray foam insulation from the crawl space floor up the stem wall and connected to the rim joist.

Our combination of effective grading and drainage, the right vapor barrier choice and a complete insulation package is one more reason Pinetop Custom Homes is your builder of choice in McCall, where the environment around us is ever changing. Rest assured Pinetop Custom Homes will build your home with the direct knowledge as an expert mountain builder.