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Payette Lake Shore and Surrounding Area

Homes on or around the Payette Lake are what originally brought the resort town and second home market to McCall in a strong way. The Payette Lake area is generally broken into the West/Warren Wagon Rd neighborhoods, Eastside Dr and Pilgrims Cove as well as the Southern areas of Lakeside Dr, Downtown, Mill Park Village, and Davis St. Lake front property values have fluctuated with the ups and downs of the US economy but on average have held their own and grown significantly. There are a finite number of lakeside properties and a high demand from local, regional and out of state residents. There is a new market recently where previously leased land and homes are becoming available as deeded property through the Idaho State land auction process. Also there is a growing trend where buyers will acquire older homes and cabins and “tear down” the improvements and rebuild as new efficient construction. There are also numerous 2nd,3rd,4th…tier homes and lots that can be found.