SONY DSCPinetop Custom Homes announces the completion of it’s 2013 Showcase Home.  Seattle meets McCall with this rustic contemporary design created by Luke Vannoy of McCall Planning and Design architectural firm.  From the contemporary lines of the exterior elevations and clean crisp cabinets and quartz counter tops to the rustic Ilka Lane setting with spectacular Jug Handle Mountain views this home is truly stunning.  

The construction boasts a LEEDS GOLD certification rating which is a first for a residential project in Valley County.  Begin with a 12 panel solar energy system that brings in 120 degree water when it is 10 degrees outside.  The heated water is brought into storage tanks and is utilized as needed to power the radiant heat system with a high efficiency boiler.  Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) are used to bring in clean make up air and move the warm air throughout the home efficiently.  Not to mention the Pinetop features including gourmet kitchen, theater room, fitness room and extensive outdoor living space.  Well Done!